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The Medford Chamber Leadership group spent an informative and insightful day at KOBI 5 and Medford Fire and Rescue this month. The participants started the day learning about all that goes on at KOBI. Comments were made that the employees of KOBI pride themselves on presenting news rather than opinions and they highlight and prioritize local stories, organizations, and events. We learned about the complexity of selling advertising spots as well as gained insight about what makes a quality interview. It was clear that TV work is not as glamorous as it may seem; there are long hours and hard work required. Most impressive about the folks at KOBI is their dedication to our community. This is exemplified by their public service outreach including the Southern Oregon Meth Project and their plan to spotlight the dramatically increasing numbers of local suicides. Their hope is to raise awareness along with access to resources, resulting in folks choosing to get involved in a community suicide prevention initiative. Kuddos to everyone at Channel 5 for taking on this important issue.
After lunch we spent an amazing afternoon with the Medford Fire & Rescue crew at Fire Station #4. Some insight from participants:
  • The firefighter's dedication and enthusiasm for their work was contagious and we experienced cutting the door off a car with the jaws of life, navigating through a smoke-filled room by camera, and spraying shockingly heavy fire hoses in teams of two. I felt like a little kid who definitely wants to be a firefighter when I eventually grow up.
  • Majority of fire calls are non-fire related
  • Amazing that they can jaws of life their way into a car in less than 10 minutes from arriving on scene
  • Firefighters are CPR trained as well as or better than EMT personnel
  • We should all have sprinklers if possible
  • Firetrucks can shoot out an amazing amount of water
  • Cutting the hinge off a car with the fire department made me feel so powerful! It also made me realize how crucial training is to the Fire Department—everybody on the crew has to work together seamlessly to ensure that the folks who are having an emergency make it out safe.
  • Working together as a team with my classmates to conduct CPR. It was not the most exciting part of the day, but the way we all contributed different skills and knowledge to “save a life” was impressive.
Overall, the time spent at Fire Station #4 was both empowering and humbling. The power of the equipment used was exciting and we would like to thank Medford Fire and Rescue for letting us participate in the hands-on activities. Feeling the heat from the sprinkler demonstration certainly made us all appreciate the serious nature of this profession. Thank you to all our first responders for their dedication and commitment to public safety.
Teri Smith
Dean of Health & Public Service
Rogue Community College