Article By Diana Hartley, Diana Hartley Consulting
This year has flown by way too fast. Here we are on the verge of another year. We’re coming up on those darn New Year’s resolutions where we determine to lose weight, exercise more or take up an exotic hobby. How about if we all make resolutions to make our workplace a better place to work. Perhaps we can take down some of the invisible silos of our job titles and let our hearts open to the others to help all of us succeed.  We all know what the heart brings to any relationship. It brings connection, service and bursts of energy. We know how good it is to express, not from our logical programming but from our humanity.  I believe we are hardwired to serve others. Today, businesses are still run like factories pumping out goods and services, reaching for higher and higher profit levels. Many are still treating people like parts in Henry Ford’s Model A factory. Is this good in the long run for organizations or people in 2019? I think not. I have always bristled at the idea that we need to be different people at work than at home. Okay, I get that being too “buddy-buddy” is inappropriate but the expression, “It’s not personal, it’s only businesses” cuts me to the quick. We have all heard stories of shocked and vulnerable employees who, after getting pink slips, are escorted out of the building, sometimes by security, within mere moments of hearing that their lives have been turned upside down. We need to create new models of business that include the heart values and attributes. Some companies are making the effort, but most are doing what they have always done. People are, in fact, a complex combination of heart, mind, body and soul, yet once we walk through that door at nine, we are expected to perform with only a small part of us present. Truly, that limits our contribution.    Without bringing our hearts to work, we imagine enemies where there are none, experience gossip and agree with bosses in those tedious meeting when we all want to disagree. The qualities of the human heart are a necessary part of healthy, balanced lives. With the shortage of talent in the workforce we must start taking into consideration how important people are to our success and how their emotional and spiritual needs must be considered.  It is, in my opinion, the missing focus of stable, well rounded organizations today. When we are seen, heard and appreciated we are naturally motivated to go the distance, to remain loyal, even without the promise of more money. HeartMath, a California research and training company has been studying the power of the heart for over twenty years. Their ideas have influenced progressive businesses around the world, even bringing value to our military overseas. They have proven that the human heart contributes greatly to mental clarity, creativity, emotional balance, intuition and personal effectiveness. In fact, the heart is a highly complex information-processing center with its own functional brain that communicates with and influences the cranial brain. It affects brain function and plays an important role in mental and emotional experiences. These are proven facts. Don’t let the traditional business focus on process, profit, production and technology over shadow the needs of our hearts and human spirits. When work becomes pleasurable and safe everyone wins. Make your resolution to bring your heart to work in 2019 and expect more joy, creativity and satisfaction.     Diana Hartley is the sole owner of Diana Hartley Consulting. She is a leadership consultant, personal life coach and corporate communications skills trainer.
Bringing Your Heart
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