Women Dominating Entrepreneurship: 4 Tips for Success
By Russ Kuhn, MAML University Development Counselor
Grand Canyon University, Medford
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In the workforce, you can choose to see the issues of gender equality or the progress of gender equality. We can perseverate on the barriers and disparities that still exist today—or focus on supporting the headway that’s being made. As women leaders continue to chip away at the glass ceiling, women are also increasingly pursuing entrepreneurship, and dominating.

“Female entrepreneurs are the next wave of business success,” states Inc. (1) There’s still an underrepresentation of women in the startup world, but the idea that women can’t be business owners has become obsolete, and Inc. has gathered the numbers to prove it: (1)(2)
  • The number of women-owned firms in the U.S. has increased by 114% within the last two decades.
  • Women start approximately 840 new businesses every day.
  • Today in the U.S., there’s 9.4 million firms owned by women, employing 7.1 million people and generating nearly $1.5 billion in sales.
Women are making their mark as entrepreneurs, from establishing a venture capital firm to launching an online clothing boutique. The gender gap still plagues the business landscape; however, women can make the choice to become empowered by gender advancements. If you have a vision for a new business venture or are running one already, check out the following ways that can support turning your entrepreneurial spirit into success.
About the Author:
Russ Kuhn is a University Development Counselor at Grand Canyon University. Kuhn brings more than 30 years of global leadership experience to the Rogue Valley as the Medford-based UDC. He serves as the local face and brand ambassador to support GCU’s mission and help students start their educational journey.

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  1. Embrace Your Emotions Strategically: Women suffer professionally from the notion that their emotions make them unsuitable to handle a leadership position. Although that’s an unfair (and untrue) perception, a woman’s natural emotional side can actually benefit her entrepreneurially. Women can connect better and create stronger bonds with clients, partners or staff. Emotional intelligence and the ability to build trusting relationships using soft skills are also key for successful negotiations, according to Entrepreneur. (3)(4)

  2. Become a Mompreneur: Women typically fall into the role of being the primary parent and manager of the household. It’s not uncommon for many stay-at-home moms to feel unsatisfied, which is why motherhood and entrepreneurship have found common ground. Running your own business yields autonomy, work-life balance, personal reward, an identity and income. Working Mother features inspirational mom entrepreneurs who share how they discovered their startup.

  3. Leverage Social Media: Social media platforms have paved the way for business owners to cultivate digital brand awareness and customer reach. For many businesses, Instagram is practically their storefront, showcasing products and services around storytelling and breaking into the digital business world. Jenna Kutcher, host of the Goal Digger Podcast, garnered a following of nearly 700K followers and made a name for herself as an authority on marketing, business and goal setting for women. Instagram provides opportunities for exposure, community and marketing for small businesses like apparel companies, online personal trainers and photographers (to name a few).

  4. Support Other Women: Business can be competitive, full of egos, selfish motives and cutthroat moves. Entrepreneurship is no easy venture, which is why women who band together can overcome obstacles and achieve more through mutual support, empowerment and friendship. By rising together, women can not only conquer personal goals, but advocate for female-driven entrepreneurship as an alliance. It’s a matter of harnessing the power of solidarity to generate change.
The beginning of 2019 is here—and the new year is most motivating time to set and pursue a new goal. What lies ahead in 2019? The future is yours to shape, so lean in and stand up for what you want as an entrepreneur.
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