Women Dominating Entrepreneurship: 4 Tips for Success
By Russ Kuhn, MAML University Development Counselor
Grand Canyon University, Medford
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In the workforce, you can choose to see the issues of gender equality or the progress of gender equality. We can perseverate on the barriers and disparities that still exist today—or focus on supporting the headway that’s being made. As women leaders continue to chip away at the glass ceiling, women are also increasingly pursuing entrepreneurship, and dominating.

“Female entrepreneurs are the next wave of business success,” states Inc. (1) There’s still an underrepresentation of women in the startup world, but the idea that women can’t be business owners has become obsolete, and Inc. has gathered the numbers to prove it: (1)(2)
  • The number of women-owned firms in the U.S. has increased by 114% within the last two decades.
  • Women start approximately 840 new businesses every day.
  • Today in the U.S., there’s 9.4 million firms owned by women, employing 7.1 million people and generating nearly $1.5 billion in sales.
Women are making their mark as entrepreneurs, from establishing a venture capital firm to launching an online clothing boutique. The gender gap still plagues the business landscape; however, women can make the choice to become empowered by gender advancements. If you have a vision for a new business venture or are running one already, check out the following ways that can support turning your entrepreneurial spirit into success.