Organizers of the Southern Oregon Music Festival have submitted a grant application to the Medford Arts Commission.
The goal is to continue providing musical instruments to musical education students of Jackson and Josephine Counties. This recent action hints at the possibility of a new music festival, now that the Southern Oregon Music Festival is no more.
Organizers have dubbed the new project the Rogue Music Festival.
The music event has gone through its fair share of name changes in the past, but the core value of the event remains the same.
The music festival held in southern Oregon every year was not done so with the intentions to make profit. According to the former executive director of the festival, Dennis Ramsden, half the funding for the event came from private donors, the rest of the costs were covered by ticket sales. But the donations were not a stable source of funds.
By 2016 Ramsden was struggling to find enough supporters to put on the almost quarter million-dollar music festival, which subsequently led to the demise of the festival in 2018.
After the cancellation of what would’ve been the 30th annual southern Oregon Music Festival, Jared Davidson, former board member of the Southern Oregon Music Festival, stated that he would try to continue the legacy by launching the Rogue Music Festival.
The Medford Arts Commission reviewed the grant application during the February 4, 2019 special meeting, but the grant Davidson applied and was accepted for was do be allocated to the continued musical education program that provides students with free instruments to practice with.
KTVL reached out to ex-organizers of the music festival but no comment has been produced at this time.
Southern Oregon Music Festival continues music education
BY Riche Garza | February 5, 2019
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