4 Tools & Solutions to Improve Business in 2019
By Russ Kuhn, MAML University Development Counselor
Grand Canyon University, Medford
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The start of a new year welcomes excitement over new goals and possibilities. For businesses, it’s no different. Now that 2019 is in full swing, take the time to assess your business. Are there areas where technology can improve your operations? Could you explore more ways to boost your brand? The following offers four tools and solutions that can help advance your business in 2019.
Awario for Social Listening Maintaining a social media presence across platforms has become a standard business practice; no business should ever bypass these avenues that lead to a plethora of benefits, from customer connection and engagement to increased brand awareness and loyalty. One aspect of social media that businesses must capitalize on is “social listening,” which is essentially monitoring your social media space. Marketing Land lists the best social media/web monitoring tools,
starting with Awario; use this tool to monitor mentions about your brands, as well as to identify industry and competitor insights. Other unique features include detecting plagiarized content, linking brand mentions, monitoring backlinks, finding people who are searching for products like yours and discovering influencers who back your brand.
Trello for Busy Entrepreneurs “My favorite tech hack today is utilizing a Trello board,” Connor Gillivan, CMO of FreeeUp and author of “Free Up Your Business,” tells Forbes.com. Forget relying on messy notes; Trello is a project management application that can benefit entrepreneurs with a steady stream of work coming in by the minute. Gillivan leans on Trello for tracking high-priority and in-progress work and ideas. The platform helps boost productivity and organize workflow by creating boards that capture big picture projects or detailed tasks. Rely on Trello to manage your work according to your needs, whether you need to record work to return to later or collaborate with remote teams across any device.
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Russ Kuhn is a University Development Counselor at Grand Canyon University. Kuhn brings more than 30 years of global leadership experience to the Rogue Valley as the Medford-based UDC. He serves as the local face and brand ambassador to support GCU’s mission and help students start their educational journey.

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Blue Prism for Robotic Process Automation
Companies are rapidly embracing cogitative technology, also known as artificial intelligence (AI), for transforming business operations. The Harvard Business Review identifies automating business processes as one type of AI that supports business needs. Robotic process technologies are designed to upgrade how a business completes tedious administrative tasks or repetitive back-office processes. Blue Prism, which invented the term Robotic Process Automation, offers a digital workforce and software robots developed to automate granular and manual, rules-based, back-office administrative activities. Through AI cognitive capabilities, business operations can become more agile and efficient, lower costs and improve accuracy. 

Solar Power for Sustainability
Adopting sustainability practices offers an array of benefits for businesses: cut costs, increase efficiency, present a positive brand image and become socially responsible. A commitment to sustainability also attracts environmentally aware customers who value companies that share the same concerns about our planet.

According to SunPower, a leader in global solar innovation, “solar can be one of the quickest paths to achieving even the most ambitious corporate sustainability goals.” If your business hasn’t yet tapped into a green business strategy, one way to get started is to go solar, such as installing a solar panel system. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll boost your bottom line.

There are so many moving parts within a business that support growth and success. It’s crucial to continually assess these various parts such as your social media impact, time management and productivity, efficiency, costs, and brand awareness and reputation. In today’s fast-paced, constantly evolving business world, there are always new developments and solutions that can help your business operate better and achieve more.
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