“Finance and accounting intimidate many business owners and managers, so they don’t give priority to rigorously analyzing performance on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.” Rob & Mary Hambleton This is the major reason 85% of small business fail within the first year of operation.
As a small business owner for the past 16 years Rob & I know the joys and pains. Most people who start a business start out building their business around a passion. Maybe it’s cookies or a canoe that you make well, and someone says, “Wow, you could really make money selling those…” To understand what is really going on in your business, you need to know what the numbers mean.  You need to learn to the key concepts of the three basic financial statements; the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement & the Cash Flow Statement. Understanding these means staying in business.
You don’t need to do the accounting yourself, but a smart business owner knows what the numbers mean, and they keep an eye on them.
Financially Speaking…
By Rob & Mary Hambleton | Soul Canyon Training & Development

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Authors, Soul Canyon Training & Development, Rob & Mary Hambleton offer business training programs including Financially Speaking – Unlocking the Language of Business. Mary can be reached at mary@soulcanyon.com or 541.218.7601.
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