Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley Microdevices Advances Microelectronics for Biomedical Devices --Medford, Oregon company manufactures tiny chips with potential life-changing functionality
“Over the past eighteen months, we have announced partnerships with two companies that use nanoscale technology for biomedical applications,” said Jessica Gomez, co-founder and CEO, Rogue Valley Microdevices. “For AerNos, we manufacture ultra-miniature gas sensors that are small and affordable enough to use in wearables, smartphones and the Internet of Things. For Nanomedical Diagnostics, we manufacture the only mass-produced graphene biosensor, a product that allows researchers to gain complete control over the characterization of their molecules to make better decisions earlier in the drug discovery process. We teamed with each company to overcome manufacturing complexities that would have frightened most foundries from engaging in the first place.” The AerNos gas sensor, made by Rogue Valley Microdevices, is just 3x3 mm. Nanomedical Diagnostics’ biosensor may transform drug discovery. Gomez added that Rogue Valley Microdevices manufactures the sensing devices embedded in a third biomedical device company’s “lab-on-a-chip” platform. “Biological Dynamics’ technology has the potential to dramatically advance the ways in which the healthcare industry assesses cancerous tumors,” said Gomez. “Providing a technology platform that is easy to use and accessible will help democratize the diagnostic process, removing the established barriers to gaining potentially life-saving or life-enhancing information.” Expanding her energies beyond her considerable work at Rogue Valley Microdevices, Jessica is campaigning for the District 3 seat in the Oregon State Senate to replace the retiring Senator Alan DeBoer from Ashland.
Rogue Valley Microdevices
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MEDFORD, OR -- (September 28, 2018) – Rogue Valley Microdevices is a rarity in microelectronics manufacturing. It is hundreds of miles from both the Bay Area — an epicenter of the microelectronics industry — and from greater Portland, which counts Intel and other corporate giants among its leading employers. It is one of the few foundries in the world nimble enough to work with nanoscale materials such as graphene, which exists on the same scale as the molecules found in solid, liquid and gaseous chemical compounds. Its CEO is a Latina woman who is also running for Oregon State Senate. Although it has less than 30 full-time employees, its engineering team has successfully tackled manufacturing projects that are too challenging for its larger competitors. 
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