Mercy Flights Memberships are Due!
Fellow Chamber Members! I have bad news. As much as we all might like to be, we are not invincible. An emergency can happen at any age, any time, any place for just about any reason. And when it does, the last thing you want to be saying to those around you is, “don’t call an ambulance, I can’t afford it”. You’ll need top quality care, quickly and without hesitation. With a Mercy Flights membership, you can reduce or even eliminate your out of pocket costs for ambulance services. As a member, if you have a transport, we will bill your insurance. Anything insurance doesn’t pay will be written off. If insurance doesn’t pay anything or you don’t have insurance, your responsibility will be just 50% of the bill. And membership dues are tax deductible. What’s more, as a Chamber member, the cost for membership is discounted and costs only $65 per year per family. If you enrolled last year it is time to renew! If you haven’t enrolled in the past, this is great time to do so! Support a local non-profit and gain peace of mind of the whole family. Membership is due by Jan 10th!
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