New Online Community Emergency Resource Guide Preview Released in April
(Medford, OR) — Collaborative Publishing Solutions (CPS) releases its new, free Community Emergency Resource Guide on their website,, beginning with a preview by individual counties in late April 2020. The publication, previewed online, will be followed by a print distribution of 10,000 guides in over 100 sites throughout five counties. The guide is the first comprehensive emergency tool of its kind in Southern Oregon. The counties of Jackson, Josephine, Douglas, Klamath and Lake, are the first to be released progressively, one county at a time. Ultimately, the online guide will be a complete five-county interactive emergency resource tool, with an additional print publication that’s free to all citizens in a graduated print expansion from year-to-year. The first online release of resources will represent Jackson County and will go live by late April 2020. The publication offers the resources citizens and businesses need during a cataclysmic event, such as an earthquake, wildfire, flood, or a global pandemic like COVID-19. “We moved up access to the Community Emergency Resource Guide to April in order to get this critical compilation of information to the public as soon as possible. We’re releasing it by county so people in those areas can start using the resources,” says Char Hodel, owner of Collaborative Publishing Solutions. She explains the conclusion of the guide will present the entire five-county publication online with interactive components, followed by travel-sized, durable print guides. The publication addresses “day of” resources available when confronted with emergencies — such as diseases, earthquakes, fires, floods and more. The guide also presents the agencies and organizations that offer support at the national, regional, state, county and city levels. It also includes a training section and “tips” on how to be self-sufficient, with preparation suggestions and examples on how to prepare and plan before an emergency happens. “Federal, state and local governments highly recommend each of us be self-reliant for a minimum of two weeks. The Community Emergency Resource Guide has the tools to help individuals, families and businesses do just that. It is vital for us to take action, now, to prepare. Make a plan outlining your family’s and pet’s individual needs, communicate with your family about the plan and practice it. Our families are most important and by preparing, we can help others,” says Christi MacLaren, editor and resources director for the Collaborative Publishing Solution’s guide. MacLaren has also been the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for The American Red Cross for 10 years in Southern Oregon counties. MacLaren says that by helping others, we will build a stronger, safer community that can be free from an out-of-control panic. “A community that is self-reliant and prepared will ensure a strong recovery and we can rebuild lives more quickly. Individually, we all have a personal responsibility to prepare, but together we are stronger and much more resilient,” adds MacLaren. Additionally, CPS is collaborating with Steve Eberlein, who owns Tipping Point Resilience. Eberlein and his wife work to increase the resilience of homes, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces through educational presentations, so he knows firsthand the importance of disaster preparedness. He was also a featured speaker at the recently sold out Emergency Preparedness event hosted by SAIF in March 2020. Eberlein is also working with CPS to produce an extensive series of safety videos for public access via links through the Community Emergency Resource Guide. The first of a “Southern Oregon Safety Zone” Q&A series will be introduced with the Jackson County portion of the guide this April. No one wants to watch their community — or the world — endure a disaster or global pandemic such as COVID-19. But for Hodel, this is the reason she built her business as a community service endeavor which fills voids in the community. It’s what drives her and her 9-person team to provide valuable resources for the good of all. “I built CPS to identify existing and timely needs in the community and offer solutions. Similar to a non-profit, we work hard to ensure everything we offer is a necessary community service and is able to be accessed easily by all sizes and shapes of businesses and organizations,” says Hodel. The public will be able to access resources beginning late April on the CPS website, as well as through a link on several community partner websites which will be announced prior to the guide’s April introduction. About Collaborative Publishing Solutions Collaborative Publishing Solutions was founded by Charlotte Hodel, a national, award-winning communicator with over 30 years of publishing, communications, and economic and community development experience in three states. Based in Southern Oregon, CPS develops a variety of quality multimedia products including directories, guides, resources and community publications. With a team of nine diverse media and marketing contractors, CPS supports the positive growth of communities and individual businesses by Bridging Business and Growth. Learn more at
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