Press for Oil: Help Us — Help Others
Crazy times call for a change in thinking!!
Press For Oil, as well as so many other businesses large and small are struggling to stay open. As our hearts go out to all business owners, in particular, those small businesses in our town of Ashland and surrounding areas, we thought, how can we help ourselves and help others?
Press For Oil hopes they have found a way to do just that. We have decided to reach out to a small business each month and offer them 10% of that given month’s proceeds and all we ask in exchange is to have that chosen business post our offer on their business site/s, Facebook page/s, etc.
We are hopeful that by making this offer to a different small business each month, we can not only expand our customer base, but that we can also help our fellow small businesses with a stipend of money and in the end form stronger relationships in the community.
We do realize that the stipend earned in that given month will most likely, ok it really won’t, amount to the ability to retire on a private island but a little something extra and a bit of free advertising on our Facebook business page can’t be all that bad, right?
There are no special codes or phrases required in this Help Us--Help Others project. You can continue to place orders online at: or call us at (541) 625-9225 or email us at We do shipping, pickups on Saturdays and we are also making ourselves available for deliveries within a 25 mile radius. (Delivery service is available through the month of April)
We will be posting that chosen small business every month so stay tuned.
Thank you all for your continued support!!
Kim & Sharon
The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County
101 E. 8th St.  |  Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 779-4847

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