Employees Recognized as Banner Bank’s Best
The following employee received the Banner’s Best award for surpassing their individual professional goals in 2018, as well as providing exceptional customer service to the Bank’s clients and their fellow colleagues: • Monica Clayton, Retail Division Manager, Southern Oregon “Banner’s Best recipients exemplify our value proposition—connected, knowledgeable, responsive—yet what truly sets them apart is how they constantly strive for a higher standard in all that they do,” said Mark Grescovich, Banner Bank President and CEO. “It is thanks to our many outstanding employees that Banner was recently selected by Money Magazine as the Best Bank in the Pacific Region of the U.S.“ Less than four percent of all Banner employees receive this award. Recipients are selected by members of executive leadership.
A Medford Banner Bank employee has been selected to receive the Banner’s Best award. This award represents the highest level of recognition within the company and the recipients are truly Banner’s best.
About Banner Bank
Banner Bank is a Washington-chartered commercial bank that conducts business from more than 200 locations in Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho. Banner Bank is a community bank which offers a wide variety of commercial banking services and financial products to individuals and small and medium-sized businesses and their employees throughout the western U.S. Visit Banner Bank at www.bannerbank.com.
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