Hello Members,

I have grown to love and appreciate Thanksgiving so much more in the last few years.

Each year, I look forward to it for many reasons, but mainly for pumpkin pie, making my traditional butternut squash soup (recipe changes every year) and relaxing with family and friends. This year it seems extra special to me. I will be seeing my family for the first time in many, many months, I really do miss them. I also look forward to Thanksgiving for another very important reason - This is the time that many of us are reminded to give thanks, and to be grateful.

No matter how bad some things may seem, if we take a little time to be present and recognize what we have, we can become grateful. When we give thanks and feel thankful, we reflect and remind ourselves of our successes, positive experiences, and our relationships, plus so much more. Even though many of us  are better about feeling thankful throughout the year, often we forget to express it. A great benefit of Thanksgiving and and being thankful is gratitude. So let’s give thanks, reflect, and recognize all the good things in our lives. On behalf of our team here at The Chamber, we wanted to take this moment to say THANK YOU for being part of us and our community. We are grateful for all that you do! Each of us play a tiny, yet huge, part in making this a great place to work and live, and for that we thank you. Every day we are amazed by our community. I wanted to express how thankful and grateful I am for this job! It is not just a paycheck and that is something to really be grateful for. I won't lie, the work is hard at times, but the people I work with and for (members) make this job fulfilling. Thank you team and members who I work with for being kind, respectful, helpful, funny (some of you) and overall good people.

Here are others expression of gratitude from your team here at The Chamber:

"I am thankful for the times my grandbabies come running excitedly to see me, arms outstretched, big smiles and the hug I get when they reach me. The hug." - Angela

"I am thankful for many things, but having a roof over my head and being warm and safe at night ranks pretty high." - Kristy
"I am thankful for weekends, family time and snuggles with my daughter and doggie." - Kira "I am thankful for my fur family members and my non fur family too!!" - Tammi

" This year, I’m thankful for having the opportunity and privilege to pursue a higher education." - Oanh
"I am Thankful For the honor and privilege of working in an industry, and with a dedicated organization within it, (The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County), that truly puts others needs and concerns, first." - Char
"I am Thankful for my Husband James (Dean) Harlow whom I have been married to for 31 years!" - Yvette What are you thankful for this year?

Happy Thanksgiving,
Renatta Tellez

VP of Communications & Programs
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The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County
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