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Thank you all for the positive feedback we received on our newly redesigned Business Review. As Brad mentioned, with every new endeavor, there will be some things to be “ironed” so here is the latest issue and hope you enjoy it! We have a dandy “how to” graphic that will remind you just how to navigate this new format. In this issue, we are focusing on transportation, but like every month, we include articles that are also timely and relevant to the times. If you have not done so, please look at Brad’s note regarding the Farm Bill – also if you have not done so, please register to vote! We are a little more than a month away from the elections and as you know every vote counts. Members of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization spent much of the 2016 summer working to help pass legislation on our transportation system…an issue which The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County has always considered a priority. Oregonians voted in 2017 to pass a comprehensive plan to protect the infrastructure we currently have and modernize our transportation systems to keep up with our growing state – HB 2017.  Last year, I wrote a summary article about the HB-2017 bill trying to break-it up for easier digestion, which I hope you had a chance to review. I am including it here as well for review. This year we are seeing some of the efforts already in place with “Keep Oregon Moving (HB 2017)”. "In 2017, the Oregon Legislature approved a massive $5.3 billion transportation package. Among the goals are to maintain roads and bridges, improve public transportation, provide safe biking and walking options, reducing congestion and moving freight.” These intermodal facilities would help exporters ship their products outside of Oregon without having to use trucks that clog up I5 on their way to Tacoma or Seattle. It sounds like Oregon is a net exporting state, we ship out 60 containers for every 40 we bring in. The proposed Port (intermodal station) could help ship out agricultural products and bring in imports for big companies like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target, Amazon, and WinCo to bring in their merchandise to sell in Salem and Portland. The impact of the wildfires is still an issue for our community as we continue to push for forest management reform. Stay tuned to get more updates as we learn more. Really exciting here at The Chamber is the kick-off of our new Forum Speaker series season. This year we are lucky to have the Forum program sponsored by The Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, so we want to say welcome and thank you.

We of course want to thank Asante for their incredible support these past two years as well as all our monthly sponsors who are with us every year. We are proud of the work your support allowed us to and thank you very much.

Renatta Tellez
VP of Communications and Programs
The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County
September 2018

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