Jackson County Close-Up
Guest Speakers: Danny Jordan, Jackson County Administrator; Sheriff Nathan Sickler
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Medford-Jackson County Chamber of Commerce
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Moss Adams completed an audit of Jackson County for 2018, and the results showed the county is in good financial standing, said Danny Jordan, Jackson County Administrator. He also noted that local county-wide debt is declining, which isn’t seen very often. Jordan also explained the four main types of revenue in Jackson County: operating (constant and predictable); non-operating (fund balance, reserves, windfalls); dedicated (used for a specific purpose); and non-dedicated (a discretionary purpose of use). “Our total recommended budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year is over $383 million,” said Jordan. He also touched on PERS and played a video which explained the history and severity of the issue. After discussing PERS, Jordan directed the audience’s attention to the new jail, and how the county is helping with the project. He then handed the presentation over to Sheriff Nathan Sickler, who expanded on the subject further. Sickler began by explaining why Jackson County needs a new jail. He stated the current jail has been overcrowded since 1985, and has an antiquated, inefficient design. Additionally, the National Institute of Corrections assessed our local criminal justice system twice and determined the current jail does not meet the needs of the community. “As our population expands, our current jail cannot handle the growth,” said Sickler. Unfortunately, overcrowding affects the entire criminal justice system, he added, and starts to perpetuate more crime. According to a report shown by Sickler, the average annual cost of crime from 2013-2017 in Oregon was $2.49 billion and over $171 million in Jackson County. Forced releases also cost the county money, he said. However, the new jail would have a capacity to hold 700-800 inmates and would provide space for additional services, Sickler explained. Additionally, the new budget will include about six times more money for mental health services and treatments. “Our goal is to bolster services in the jail to reduce recidivism,” concluded Sickler.
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