That sounds harsh, but it isn’t meant to be because I understand why. You do your civic duty and vote to elect people to represent you at all levels of government: on the local school board, city council, county commission, state legislature and congress. One of the comments we hear from elected officials is the request to hear real life examples of how their policymaking affects your business.  You are busy running or managing your business. Obviously, it is a full-time job. Elected officials are busy too. In many cases they are working full-time and volunteering in the jobs you elected them to do. Your options are limited; you could spend time away from work, go to city hall or drive to the Capitol in Salem and sign up to testify before a legislative committee. Do you have that kind of time? No, of course not. One great solution is to join your Chamber of Commerce. In Medford, The Chamber has been working for 100 years to help your business grow and succeed. One of The Chamber’s core strategic objectives is to represent business issues. The Chamber does that by watching, listening and representing you and your business at all levels of government.   At JWA, we have a team of experienced professionals representing issues concerning the business community on behalf of The Medford Chamber. We do our best to work with Senators and Representatives in Salem to make sure your voice is heard. Working with Brad Hicks and his team at The Chamber, we feel like we do a pretty good job. But, we’re always looking for ways to do even better. At the first of May The Chamber started using a tool that can get your message to all those elected officials without taking a lot of time out of your day. It is easy to use and makes the message going to policymakers even louder and stronger! Go to The Chamber website and take action!  Are you happy about what is happening this legislative session? Maybe you’re concerned about a bill or a proposal. Let your Representative and Senator know! This is a crucial time in our community. You have an opportunity to reach out directly and The Chamber wants to help you. At The Chamber website, click on the Take Action Center tab to learn what you can do in a few short minutes to make your voice heard. The legislature is in session until June 30th.  Many important issues are being discussed and voted on. Many of those issues will have a significant impact on businesses. Not just big business, all businesses large, medium and small. To some of these issues under consideration, you may say, “I can’t afford that! Why don’t they listen?” Your Chamber now has another tool to help get that message directly to policymakers.  Take advantage of this member-benefit opportunity today!
One of the things I’ve learned working in Oregon politics since 1990 is that it is hard to get people involved in the legislative process.
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