Medford, OR (November 27, 2019) — Governor Kate Brown announced the appointment of members to the Implementation Committee for Oregon’s Sustainable Health Care Cost Growth Target Program. Jessica Gomez, founder and CEO of Medford-based Rogue Valley Microdevices, was chosen by the Governor to serve as one of the committee members.
The citizen- and stakeholder-led committee was established by Senate Bill 889, passed during the 2019 legislative session with the goal of curbing the cost of health care for all Oregonians.
The committee will work together to design a program that provides meaningful cost reduction across the entire healthcare system by establishing an annual health care spending growth target, and developing tools that will hold the healthcare system accountable for meeting that target. Gomez believes this is an excellent opportunity for Oregon to begin thinking differently about the entire healthcare system, not just the Coordinated Care System.
"I believe that basic and preventative healthcare should be universally accessible and affordable because it falls into a high volume, low risk category,” said Gomez. “But unfortunately, health care deductibles in Oregon continue to rise and are now the 3rd highest in the nation. It is time we begin taking steps to address this issue.”
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Jessica Gomez Chosen To Serve On State Health Care Committee
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