Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan stated “the Jackson County Board of Commissioners have shown leadership and taken an important step to ensure we are ready for whatever comes before us.” He also emphasized that “this is not designed to cause any panic for the citizens of Jackson County. It is part of the process in preparing.” The state of emergency authorizes Jackson County to perform several actions. These include: emergency procurement of goods and services; entering into mutual aid agreements between the County and cities within the County or neighboring counties; enforcing emergency measures to protect the public; modifying relevant personnel leave, personnel processes or policies, and workplace requirements, assignments, or designations of County employees; and requesting assistance and potential reimbursements from the State of Oregon and any appropriate Federal agency for response and recovery. All rules and orders shall have the full force and effect of law during this declared state of emergency. “The Board of Commissioners is committed to following the steps needed to keep the people of Jackson County safe,” commented Jackson County Board Chair Colleen Roberts. “We do not know what is ahead but we are in this together. We all need to follow the steps that create a community with a desire to have the least people possible contract the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).” For more information, please contact: Colleen Roberts, Jackson County Commissioner, at (541) 774-6117 or RobertCL@jacksoncounty.org.
Jackson County Commissioners Declare a State of Emergency
PROmoting the community
march 19, 2020
MEDFORD, OREGON — In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, prevent the overwhelming of health care providers, and otherwise minimize the risk to public health, the Jackson County Commissioners have declared a state of emergency throughout Jackson County effective March 19th. It will expire on May 31st, unless rescinded or extended further.
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