In a scheduled trip to share the effects of wildfire and smoke to our region in Washington DC, Commissioner Roberts was invited to share our story with the President of the United States, Donald Trump. This happened on July 8th 2019, here is an outline of that presentation.

‘Thank you, Mr. President and your administration for the great opportunity to be here and to speak on this very important issue in support of your Executive Order to reduce hazardous fuel loads on the federal forests. In my county, Jackson County in Southern Oregon, about 50% of the land mass is federal lands, managed by federal agencies. Previous administrations have allowed these lands to be mismanaged and thus are burdened with heavy fuels. Wildland fire policies allowing management objectives to be attained through prescribed burning during fire season is flawed. Our Board of Commissioners has studied and successfully shared information with neighboring counties and NACO (National Association of Counties) in an effort to achieve wildland fire policy changes. We have suffered through years of hazardous wildfire conditions, and endured smoke events lasting 3 to 4 months in duration, and have adversely affected our health and economy. Fuels reduction and fire policies can work together for healthy forests and public land our citizens deserve. In all of this and more, you, President Trump have become a friend and biggest ally to counties in this great Country.’

Here is a link to the transcription of the entire event:
The Jackson County Commissioners have launched a public awareness campaign asking people to join in support of Proclamation Order No. 17-19. It is their hope that this will continue to keep the wildfire and smoke issue in the minds of federal and state agencies and elected officials to influence policy and resource actions that will end the cycle of fire and smoke throughout the country.  The link to that effort can be found at For more information, please contact: Colleen Roberts, Jackson County Commissioner, at (541) 774-6117. Colleen in traveling home today and should arrive at 1:30 PM. 
MEDFORD, OREGON — The Jackson County Board of Commissioners continues to do all they can to present their Proclamation Order No. 17-19. This order asks federal and state agencies to fully suppress wildfire during the declared fire season. It also looks to long term policies that reduce fuels in the forest with prescribed burns outside of fire season, harvesting (thinning) timber, maintaining access to fight fires as well as the resources to execute suppression and fuel load reduction policies.
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Jackson County Commissioner Takes Wildfire & Smoke Issue to Washington DC and the White House
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