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My family moved to the Applegate Valley when I was six months old, so Southern Oregon has always been my real home!

After graduating from South Medford High School in '96, I spent a number of years away – college and seminary in Portland, two years in Cannon Beach (including a summer living in a VW van), serving in the Air Force in Minot ND. I married my wife Jessica in 2004, and after a few more years in Portland we moved back to Medford when it was time to start having kids, so we could be near our families. That was late 2007, and after many years in construction I planned to get into real estate development in Southern Oregon but the housing market did not cooperate. Eventually in 2009 I started my career as a hearing aid specialist.
I founded SoundScape Hearing Aids in 2011 in order to serve my clients in a new and better way. I understand that no one really wants hearing aids – they want to hear – and I love to help people hear so they can connect with others.  I spend most of my free time making movies and spending time with my family, often doing both at the same time as my children love making videos with me. They play a role in the feature film that I've been working on for the past two years; and if all goes to plan will be finished by the end of this year. A number of other Medford Greeters have prominent roles in the film. That's one thing I love about Greeters, not only has it been great for business, I have made some good friendships that have enriched my life in countless ways.
Nathan Willard
Hearing Aid Specialist, SoundScape Hearing Aids
“Hear Better in Your World”
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