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Greeter of the Month
Dianna Dorn
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Dianna Dorn is passionate, she makes friends easily, she’s on time, she chips in and she always has a smile on her face. Sometimes it is said that our careers or our jobs do not define us. In Dianna’s case it’s different. Her story is below in her own words.
“I have lived in the RV since 1987. When I'm not volunteering I love spending time with family. Grandkids especially. We have six total. But most of all I love traveling with my husband Bob. My life is different in that I have had several people around me who have taken their life by suicide, including my daughter Kimmie at the age of 16. About 5 years after her death I started volunteering with “Out of the Darkness”, it’s an event and fundraiser for “American Foundation for Suicide Prevention”. This last year we raised close to $20,000. I also do “Talk Saves Lives”, it’s basically a workshop to help identify the warning signs of Suicide. My husband Bob volunteers right alongside of me and is always very supportive of me. I feel that in the last 5 years since I began volunteering for AFSP I have reached a lot of people, I openly talk about suicide to make it easier for others to open up, but also to help me heal from my own experience. Healing after a suicide is very difficult, it’s a manner of death that most don't wish to talk about. Me, I want my voice to be heard. I feel I am extremely passionate about the subject, because I don't want anyone to go through the pain that myself and family have gone through. If I can save one life, I have done my job. I go to Greeters for my pick-me-up. It always makes me happy to meet and talk with others. I also network with other agency's to help make the conversation easier regarding suicide and it’s long lasting and reaching effects on the people left behind.”
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