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Dan Mish
"In home therapy for you and your dog"
DDM Canine Counseling
I know It's probably hard to imagine that someone as shy and reserved as I am grew up in a place like Hollywood California, but it's true! Upon graduating from Hollywood High School, I promptly enlisted into the United States Coast Guard.
It was in the Coast Guard barracks that I met someone the same age as me who also played guitar and sang. We spent many, many nights singing and playing together. It was great fun. That "singing partner,” Jeff Bridges, went on to become more famous than me!
After the service, I attended California State University Los Angeles and graduated with a degree in graphic art.
It was then that I decided to escape the big city, and I taught tennis in resorts all over the world for over 4 years, including France, Italy, Hawaii, Mexico, and the West Indies.
I finally returned to Los Angeles where I did a little acting, modeling, and music.
Fast forward many, many years and I am now living in Medford Oregon!
I absolutely love my little dog training job! I find a great deal of satisfaction in helping people who are at their wits end with their lovable pet!
I would very much like to thank the Medford Chamber of Commerce for this honor, but more importantly, a big thanks for me being awarded the brand new 2019 pink convertible Corvette with the large letters, "GREETER OF THE MONTH" on the side! It's so me!
March: Healthcare
The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County
101 E. 8th St.  |  Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 779-4847

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