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Greeter of the Month & “Lifetime” Greeter
In Memory of Carol A. Modaffare
April 24, 1962 – January 8, 2019
You may know the name, Carol Modaffare. Carol was one of the Chamber of Medford/Jackson County’s 2016-2017 Greeter’s Co-hosts and a long-time energetic volunteer! After having just completed her year as Co-Host, Carol had an unexpected diagnosis of terminal cancer. Although confronting this horrible disease, she would come to Greeters as her wonderfully enthusiastic self, as often as she was able and share her updates on her determined battle for life. Never once did her fellow Chamber members see her down. Carol was always positive, energetic, and, would radiate a smile that filled a room…. Carol was a blessing to everyone she met. In her last week of life, her Greeter members and staff, let her know that she would be given a first-of-its-kind, “Lifetime Greeters Award.” Needless to say, Carol was overjoyed for this honor from a group that meant so much to her. Carol was a very special part of the Greeter’s family and will be deeply missed! The following remembrance of Carol was written by her sister, Linda Roberts.
Carol was born in Port Huron Michigan. She left in 1980 to visit her sister in California and ended up staying there until moving to Oregon about 15 years later. Carol loved and cherished her Lord. She belonged to Table Rock Fellowship church in Medford where she enjoyed singing on the praise team, working with the Children’s Church, and going to kids’ camp each summer.
Carol also helped and worked as a companion for a few elderly women in Medford, taking them to stores, Doctor appointments, or just having a coffee and spending time together.
Carol was a very energetic and an outgoing person, who put her all and then some, into everything she did. The Chamber and Greeters meant the world to her. She loved going to Greeters each Thursday morning and meeting new people in the business community. She took pride in saying she was a member and was very grateful to be able to participate. Carol loved all of the people associated with the Chamber, in which many of you became some of her closest friends. Carol never met a stranger and if you were introduced to her, she was your friend for life. She did not have just friends she had an entire community.
Thank you for making Carol your Greeter of the Month and a forever member.
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