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Transforming Health Care For Consumers & Employers Guest Speaker: Dr. Tom Lorish, Interim Chief Executive at Providence Medford Medical Center For over a century, Providence has steadfastly served its patients and the community, said Dr. Tom Lorish, the Interim Chief Executive at Providence Medford Medical Center. According to Lorish, Providence saw more than 84,000 patients over the course of a year. With so many people to serve, he said the hospital’s main focuses are providing high quality care and the overall patient experience. “Our culture of high reliability means we are able to provide quality, consistent care,” he added. Providence is determined to transform healthcare in three distinct ways, said Lorish. “Our goal is to keep people healthy, keep care local and establish durable community relationships,” he explained. Locally, Lorish said Providence has collaborated with Kids Unlimited in Medford to help provide the organization with valuable resources. Providence has also formed a partnership with St. Joseph Health, explained Lorish, so they can help prevent illnesses, not just treat them. “We believe health is a human right,” he said. Looking toward the future, Lorish hopes to position Providence so they are able to offer another century of service. With an expansion of their virtual care services, he believes Providence can continue to deliver care in a way that is appropriate and makes sense. In addition to their other projects, Lorish said Providence has plans to develop a pharmaceutical company so they can produce medicine and eventually lower medication costs. With many exciting opportunities on the horizon, Lorish said Providence will always stay committed to their core values. “We desire to keep populations and communities healthy,” he said.
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