Guest Speaker: AJ Dexter, Vice President Business Information Security Officer

At the January forum, AJ Dexter, Vice President Business Information Security Officer for U.S. Bank, presented how the cyber security landscape is changing, different ways people can mitigate risks and how business owners can discuss the role technology plays in their organizations.   “The pace of change in technology is unprecedented,” said Dexter. As an example, he said in the 1960s we had big computers with small amounts of memory, and today, we carry supercomputers in our pockets. Additionally, the landscape of potential cyber attack surfaces is growing, according to Dexter. With the “Internet of Things” expanding, he said physical items such as house lights, medical devices and security cameras are vulnerable to cyber attacks. When discussing threats and risks, Dexter explained there are several attack vectors: phishing emails, watering hole attacks, malware, ransomware and business email compromise (BEC).   Business email compromise has been on the rise, with a 136% increase in global losses due to BEC from 2016 to 2018. During a BEC attack, Dexter said the attacker gains access to an account and sends emails asking for money or sensitive information. Alternatively, the attacker may communicate with the victim for months and try to form a relationship before requesting any information, he said. With an increase in automation and more critical data being stored in the Cloud, Dexter said it’s imperative to protect your information. He offered a few prevention tips, including staying safe on social media, not reusing passwords, updating your software and monitoring your accounts. Dexter also recommended that businesses identify and protect vulnerable information, use firewalls and have an incident response plan if a cyber attack occurs. “Your cyber strategies must be intelligence-driven,” Dexter concluded.
Monday, January 14, 2019
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