Execution Framework and Tactics
(The Execution Series, Part 3 of 4)
By John Lamy
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John Lamy was an R&D engineering manager with Hewlett-Packard in Silicon Valley for 25 years, during that time John facilitated the goal setting and achievement process for his HP division. John has 14 years management consulting, seven of them in the Rogue Valley. John and his wife Gail have lived in Jacksonville since 2005. They have one grown son and grandson in California (John & Gail get down there a lot!) For fun they like to hike, kayak, backpack, sail, ski, and walk Shasta, their Springer Spaniel. John has a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from Cornell University. John@LamyConsulting.com LamyConsulting.com 541-778-2252
In September we talked about Core Values, Strategy, Issues, and the formation of Big Goals. Last month we reviewed the elements of Infrastructure you’ll need functioning at a high level, including your Org Chart, Position Descriptions, Financials, and Delegation. Now, we’ll tie it together in an Execution Framework.
The work described here is done by a team. The team is typically your first-level management team, or C-Suite; they’re the ones responsible for achieving your Big Goals.
Here, Focus just means the clear articulation and dissemination of the Big Goal. The research is clear: people will perform better and be happier if they’re working together toward something big.
The key job at this stage of the process is to lay out all the big-stroke tasks, or Tactics, that must be done in order to achieve each Big Goal. The hard part is to assure that the Tactics play well together: Tactical Alignment.
You’re not going after detail at this stage, but rather completeness: no major area left out. The thought pattern: if we achieve all these tasks, we’ll meet the Goal.
This work requires time, bandwidth, creativity, and attentive concentration. Yes, it’s hard work! But...just below the surface, you’ll notice the systematic development of genuine team play. The team members help each other figure out what’s needed and how they can assist each other in the execution. There’s as much commitment to each other as to the manager and the company. If you’re the manager, watching this collaboration evolve is deeply gratifying!
If you’re acquainted with Project Management, this stage in the process is similar to the Work Breakdown Structure, only much simpler. You just figure out the Tactics that support each Goal.

Then, for each Tactic, figure out a metric (or a few), and a target for that metric. And then, a date by which you’ll need that Tactic achieved. Finally, a single owner of that Tactic. For example, say the Big Goal is a giant parade down Main Street on September 15th. One Tactic might be Publicity. Several metrics, and their targets, spring to mind: number of print PR occurrences, 15; number of radio & TV interviews, 5; and number of speeches at service clubs, 7. These all need to be done by September 5th to assure good attendance at the parade. The owner of the Publicity Tactic is Mary Ellen. Put the Goals, Tactics, Metrics, Targets, Dates, and Owners on a very simple spreadsheet, which we’ll call your Execution Framework. You can imagine what happens next: Mary Ellen will convene her Publicity Team and repeat the process. Her Publicity Tactic becomes the Big Goal for her team. The three metrics become three Tactics for them (there may be more...), and they figure out synergistic ways to make them happen. Each of the three will have its own responsible person, dates, etc. Gradually, deliberately, the entire organization gets involved and committed to the Big Goal. You’re growing the deep roots for an Execution-oriented culture. A culture that’s used to winning, to getting results, and that’s fun to be a part of. The word spreads, and the organization gets the reputation as a great place to work. I can think of very few things that are more satisfying to an owner or manager! Next month we’ll round out this approach with the secret sauce: the Tracking Review system. See you then!
Brick by brick, we’re building a process by which you set big, inspiring goals, and then hit them, year after year. The effect of these goals and successes on your organization is nothing short of astonishing if you haven’t seen it before.
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