The Jackson County Budget Committee which consists of three citizen members; Craig Morris, Dick Rudisile Sr., April Sevcik and all three Jackson County Commissioners approved the recommended 2019-2020 budget on Thursday April 18th, 2019. “This is an accumulation of months of preparation by our departments, our department heads, the Commissioners and the volunteer Budget Committee citizen members,” shares Administrator Danny Jordan. “Each year we go through this process with our priorities set by the Board of Commissioners and it is one of the most important things we do.” “There is so much detail in this work and hard to share all of the highlights, but for me this year I was very proud of the continued commitment to those that are close to or are experiencing homelessness in our county,” shares Jackson County Commissioner Chair Bob Strosser.
In the 2019-20 Budget Jackson County has allocated over $3,000,000.00 including over $1,500,000.00 out of the General Fund (discretionary) for homeless related services. This provides many support services including more than 75,000 bed-nights for people that otherwise are most likely living on the streets. Here are some of the budget items that effect homelessness:
  1. 91 beds for the Adult Foster Homes Network. $151,000 funded by Oregon Health Authority for severely and persistently mentally ill adults.
  2. Averages of 25 individuals with high level of care needs transitioning from the Oregon State Mental Hospital are provided housing and support. $58,000 Oregon Health Authority funded.
  3. Outpatient and crisis client housing supports for an average of 20 severely mentally ill adults. $20,000 Oregon Health Authority funded.
  4. 12 bed low cost transitional housing living options for those with severe mental illness. $159,800 Oregon Health Authority Funded.
  5. Eight-beds at the Kelly House for adult males in the County Community Justice Department who are mental health and substance abuse involved. $35,814 Oregon Health Authority Funded.
  6. Peer based model for those in crisis. $85,300 Oregon Health Authority and Community Care organization funded.
  7. General Fund (discretionary) support includes: ACCESS nutrition program ($27,700); ACCESS rental assistance program for seniors and disabled ($9,600); Center for Non-Profit Legal Services to help senior and low income individuals address unfair housing practices ($16,395); Community Works help line for crisis help ($8,595); Salvation Army Hope House for housing homeless families ($28,020); and Salvation Army to provide emergency food assistance ($5,195).
  8. Fifteen available slots at any one time dedicated to housing for families at risk of homelessness while on supervision at Jackson County Community Justice. $19,000 funded by State of Oregon Department of Corrections.
  9. Wrap around services for 4,000 clients a year (average of 77 per week) being released from jail or the transition center. Includes housing services, self-sufficiency services, Goodwill employment services, and mental health and alcohol and drug treatment at Addictions Recovery Center. $237,156 Oregon Criminal Justice Commission funded.
  10. Transitional housing for justice involved citizens (15,804 bed days- average of over 43 clients per day). Clients receive employment services, mental health and alcohol and drug treatment, food and shelter. $1,468,088 Jackson County General Fund (discretionary) funded.
  11. Sustainable housing support for men and women on supervision as part of their wrap-around services. $669,702 Oregon Criminal Justice Commission funded.
  12. Twelve nights of comprehensive engagement on the Greenway in partnership with the cities located on the Greenway. $5,206 State of Oregon Department of Corrections Grant.
  13. Jackson County also added Greenway assistance for clean-up crews, materials and equipment as well as patrols totaling $60,688 each year.

“Jackson County has always realized the important role it plays as it pertains to homelessness. With prioritizing public health and safety for many years, ensuring that there is support for the homeless has been a consistent decision for the budget committee,” said Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts. This total commitment of $3,065,259 is to help people that are homeless or are facing homelessness. The resources support at least 60 clients per-day with residential and transitional housing, and over 4,000 clients per year with resource center support.  It also provides housing to five to seven families and funds multiple community greenway engagements each year. "There are so many ways we are helping citizens when they need us most,” shares Commissioner Rick Dyer. “When you look at the fine details, like our effort for those facing homelessness, you realize that the decisions we make as the County Budget Committee are making our county a better place to live for everyone.” For more information, please contact: Bob Strosser, Jackson County Commissioner, at (541) 774-6119 or Danny Jordan, Jackson County Administrator at (541) 774-6035.
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Continued Support for Homelessness Remains Strong
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