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Borrowers Could Face Rising Interest Rates In 2019

In late August 2012, just weeks after the spectacular landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars, NASA capitalized on success and announced InSight as its next mission to the Red Planet. NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden made the connection explicit: "The recent successful landing of the Curiosity rover has galvanized public interest in space exploration and today's announcement makes clear there are more exciting Mars missions to come."
Oregon Nursery Industry Grows Into National Powerhouse
INDUSTRY: By Oregon Prosperity Project

Oregon is a diverse state. From a rich natural resource base to its robust manufacturing industry, Oregon features an impressive variety of activities, events, people, and businesses. The Prosperity Project works to highlight that diversity by providing a closer look at the industries that define the state.
Influential Women In Banking And Finance: 7 Powerful Females Changing The Industry
Here are 7 powerful women in banking and finance who you really should know about... Who are these women, and how have they made a name for themselves?
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How Partial Federal Government Shutdown Impacts Oregon's Government
STATE & GOVERNMENT: By Joe Douglass, KATU News,
Monday, January 14th 2019
"Impact of Federal Government Shutdown" Education, Health and more...
Women Entrepreneurs Of Southern Oregon (WESO)
Business PARTNER: Member Business Profile
Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon (WESO) is a community of dynamic entrepreneurs helping each other achieve business goals through networking, education, and inspiration.
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Medford's Next Festival? You Name It
TRAVEL AND TOURISM: BY  VICKIE ALDOUS  | January 06, 2019 | Mail Tribune
Travel Medford is asking for the public’s help to come up with ideas for a special event or festival to be held in the winter months. “There seems to be an appetite for more events, especially as they relate to Medford and the downtown,” said Travel Medford Senior Vice President Eli Matthews.
Grange Co-op Customers Donate over $24,000 to Camp Fire Relief
Grange Co-op presented the 4G Foundation, based in Yuba City California, a check for over $24,000 to assist with relief efforts for victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise, California. The 4G Foundation helped support the Carr fire in Redding, California this past summer and quickly joined in offering support to those affected by the Camp Fire in Paradise. These funds were raised by our generous customers from all 7 of our retail locations.
Valentine Presence
LIFE WORK: By Diana Hartley of Diana Hartley Consulting
February is finally here and with it, Valentine’s Day. Hooray! This holiday is a big boom for the economy. Last year, we spent over nineteen billion dollars proving that we cared for each other by giving flowers, candy, gifts, cards to loved ones, family and friends. Nineteen billion is a mind-blowing number to spend on love which is essentially free and available 24/7. Am I right or am I right? Valentine’s Day seems to me like a personal holiday so why should it cost anything at all?
2019 Banking Regulatory Outlook
REGULATIONS: Perspectives As Seen in Deloitte
Downtown Clean Sweep is a group of dedicated volunteers that go out Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 12 pm to clean the downtown streets and sidewalks of Medford. The group was created partnership with the City of Medford and Rogue Retreat due to the increased amount of those experiencing homelessness as a result of the lack of affordable housing and shelter options in Jackson County.
SOREDI Offers Targeted Economic Forecast And Critical Tax Law Changes For 2019 At Southern Oregon Business Conference
In a year that promises to be tumultuous in terms of domestic politics and international policies, Tim Duy returns to offer an Economic Forecast and indicators targeting Southern Oregon. Sponsored by KeyBank, Duy is the Senior Director of the Oregon Economic Forum and author of the University of Oregon Statewide Economic Indicators and Economic Indicators for Southern Oregon, Central Oregon, and other specific regions. He is also the author of two blogs; Tim Duy’s FedWatch and Economist’s View.
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4 Tools & Solutions to Improve Business in 2019
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: By Russ Kuhn, MAML University Development CounselorGrand Canyon University, Medford
The Start Of A New Year Welcomes Excitement Over New Goals And Possibilities. For Businesses, It’s No Different. Now That 2019 Is In Full Swing, Take The Time To Assess Your Business. Are There Areas Where Technology Can Improve Your Operations? Could You Explore More Ways To Boost Your Brand? The Following Offers Four Tools And Solutions That Can Help Advance Your Business In 2019.
A Look At The 2019 Legislative Session

The 2019 Oregon Legislature convened on Monday January 14 at the Capitol in Salem. The first week on the session will be for the purposes of organization and training for all legislators. The work of the legislature will start in earnest on Tuesday January 22.
Three Weeks Into Shutdown, Oregon State Government Weathering The Storm
LEGISLATIVE REVIEW: By Aubrey Wieber, Salem Reporter January 11, 2019 at 2:16pm

The state has yet to see deep impacts from a three-week federal government shutdown, but future funding for welfare programs and some state agencies is uncertain.
Opinion: How A Government Shutdown Affects The Economy
OPINION: By The Conversation, OregonLiveScott R. Baker, Northwestern University  
The immediate and most visible impact of a shutdown is in the government's day-to-day operations. Many national museums and parks are closed , immigration hearings are being postponed and the Food and Drug Administration isn't doing routine inspections of domestic food-processing facilities, to name a few examples. Of the 800,000 federal employees affected by the shutdown, 420,000 are working without pay while the rest have been furloughed.
local spotlight
10 ways technology will change banking in 2019
To stay competitive, banks are investing millions of dollars into technology to digitize nearly every aspect of their businesses. But can they keep up with constant change coming from all directions?
BANKING AND FINANCE: By Penny Crosman, Will Hernandez, Suleman Din | Published January 06 2019, 10:00pm EST
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What's New For Tax Year 2018
TAXES: Oregon Department of Revenue| January 16, 2019
Congress made changes to several provisions in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) in December 2017 as part of legislation popularly known as the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act." Most of the changes for personal income taxpayers are in effect for tax years 2018 through 2025. The federal changes listed below may also affect your Oregon return.
Balancing The Rights Of Assistance Dogs In Public, Whose Business Is It?
LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: By Dogs For Better Lives
"While the life-changing impact these dogs have on the people who need them is indisputable, the laws regarding Assistance Dogs, and the interpretations of such laws, is not quite as straightforward."
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