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Kristina grew up in a small town in Northern California, where getting stuck behind a tractor was considered a traffic jam.

She has one older sister, and although while growing up they were pretty much polar opposites, they grew to be great friends. In her free time, she played sports, rode dirt bikes, built her Jeep and was active in the local 4-H Club.  After high school graduation Kristina worked full time at NB Trucking, while taking College Classes at the local Junior College. After 5 years with NB Trucking, Kristina decided that it was time to venture out in search of more opportunity.

She landed a career in Marketing with Bicoastal Media, the 13th largest Radio Stations in the Country. She was thrilled, receiving a paid education, meeting new people and creating ideas to help grow local businesses! Pushing through the learning curve, Kristina was promoted to Sales Manager after 2 years with Bicoastal Media. Six years in to her career, an opportunity became available with Bicoastal Media’s stations here in the Rogue Valley. She went for it.

Stepping out of her comfort zone, leaving her home town, and crossing state line, was is a big deal when you grow up thinking that the world falls flat right outside your zip code. Kristina now spends her workdays meeting business owners or managers, learning about their business and what makes them stand apart, theirs goals, and areas of potential growth.

She prides herself is making flexible with each of the businesses she works with, while still making marketing fun and creative. Kristina truly believes every business has a story, and she has the opportunity to help you share it. Kristina is thankful for her opportunity to work for The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County as an ambassador. She hopes to grow in the community, in her profession and as a friend and volunteer.
Kristina LeBrett
Account Executive: On Air Marketing/ Web Designs/Promotions
Ambassador Since: September 2018
“Some wish for it, I work for it”
Eat. Drink. Be Local.
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