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You know that kid that was always getting into things and exploring places he shouldn’t?
That was me.

I was always curious growing up and took apart everything I could as I wanted to know how it worked.

The first time I touched a computer in 2nd grade that could “dial up the internet” I was hooked. Here was a device that could tell me almost anything I wanted to know, that let me talk to people in England for free, and that I could play games with my friends in different houses with! How did it work? I admit I may have taken it apart once or twice without telling anyone, and many of the computer issues we had may have been from me “experimenting” on the settings and programs. Don’t worry, I could usually fix it…usually.
Since then my passion for tech has only grown. I graduated with honors in Technology and Photography from high school and went on to college.  I realized that not only do I have a passion for tech, I love sharing it and teaching others. So I focused on becoming a high school teacher for most of my early college education. This gave me great tools to be able to communicate more effectively and break down complex topics into accessible metaphors. Unfortunately due to prospects and projected job growth for teachers I decided to switch to Computer Science as a Major, my first love. After college I’ve had several other tech related jobs, but each one left me wanting more. Although many were great companies, I would find myself hitting a “Cap” and stagnate. I saw a need for a computer service company that focuses on very small business. Although some of the businesses we support are one person shows, they need help just as fast as the big guys. I also knew that they needed personalized service, not a “one size fits all” approach that is normally used in big businesses. I made Sunrise Computing with the goal of delivering effective IT solutions to home and small business clients. I love meeting those that have the drive and passion to create new opportunities in the valley. To that end we joined the chamber of commerce and have helped many new to the valley and small businesses with everything from new building wiring, setting up whole networks and building websites. Sunrise Computing’s other focus is giving back to the community, as growing up I had to rely on many of the great resources here in the valley to make it through. To that end we have most recently sponsored The Out of the Darkness walk, and are normal contributors to the Maslow Project, and Rogue Valley Humane society. I decided to join the chamber ambassadors recently to further work in the community and hopefully help bring prosperity to the community. I look forward to meeting and helping the small business community here in the valley for many years to come, and feel honored to be among such esteemed company of the ambassadors. “Sunrise Computing – Technically Minded, Community Focused”
Brandon Kidwell
Sunrise Computing
Ambassador Since: August 2018
The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County
101 E. 8th St.  |  Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 779-4847