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Music is powerful.

Music has a way of capturing a moment and holding it forever in our memory. My love for music started early. I began piano lessons before kindergarten, started drumming in grade school, and picked up guitar and bass somewhere along the way. As a kid I spent long hours wearing out my dad's record collection, listening to everything from Bach to the Beatles. Music has always been a passion for me. Then a connection made through the Chamber gave me the opportunity to learn the art of DJing, and I was immediately hooked! DJing involves so much more than just music; It combines everything I've learned from years of professional music education and experience, with dramatic presentation, theatrical timing, and event coordination. I help plan, craft, and create the atmosphere, energy, and flow of an event. Whether customizing all the music to fit a theme, or finding the perfect song for a key moment, I bring my client's vision into reality. During the event I navigate any unexpected circumstances which may arise, and help guide the event to a successful completion. I have had the honor of DJing events ranging from casual to 'black-tie' galas, events with more than 8000 guests to only an intimate few, from simple ceremonies to complex, multiple-day, multiple-location affairs. The visibility and opportunities made possible through the Chamber have been key to my continuing success, enabling me to expand my operations to encompass many additional types of events, such as Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, Not-For-Profit Fundraisers, and the annual 4th of July Red White & Boom celebration. I've been blessed to receive numerous honors for what I do. In 2015 I was awarded Greeter of the Month. In 2016 I was named Greeter of the Year. That same year I received the 2016 Excellence in Business Award for Small Business, a noteworthy distinction. Many of the Rogue Valley's most prestigious event venues highly recommend me to their clients. Most gratifying to me are the numerous Thank You notes and 5-star reviews I receive from delighted clients. The Chamber is an essential element of my business' success. The connections and friendships I have made are a constant source of encouragement, drive, and motivation to be the very best I can be. As a DJ, I am an integral part of significant moments in the lives of my clients: weddings, birthdays, graduations, retirements, ... the list goes on. I am honored and inspired by the trust they place in me. These events only happen once; Let's make your memories last.

DJ Veach
DJ Veach
"Creating The Soundtrack To Your Memories"
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